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eyebrow extensions

 Eyebrow extensions provides fullness and shape to your dream eyebrows that will contour your face to appear slimmer, more youthful and bright-eyed. It is a groundbreaking new service that offers restoration to those who cannot grow in full natural eyebrows due to: 

* medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, trichotillomania
* medical treatments such as chemotherapy
* auto-immune diseases such as trichotillomania
* hormone imbalances
* medications

* chronic skin disorders or infections
* scarring or physical trauma
* over-plucking 
* menopause, aging

 Shaping the eyebrows are customized using Rectifeye Eyebrow Extensions. We determine the proper ratio of symmetry to your face shape and your bone structure. Each synthetic hair is attached and seamlessly blended to existing eyebrow hair or directly to the skin. 
The texture is realistic and the feel is so natural! Longevity will depend on if it's attached to the skin or natural brow hair and the after care of the eyebrows. They are great for special events and vacations. 

Level I: Minor Reconstruction  * 50
Full brows besides a minor area needing attention
* filling in tail area or inner brow
* masking a gap from a scar

Level II: Half Reconstruction * 100
Fairly good brows but could use whole areas of brows restored or could use fullness doubled
* adding fullness to thin brows
* adding a tail to short brows
* adding body & inner brow to over plucked brows


Level III: Majority Reconstruction *150
Very little natural brow hair
* building majority of the brow
* adding shape & symmetry to uneven, damaged brows

Level IV: Complete Reconstruction * 200
No natural brow hair
* completely rebuilding the brows