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European Waterless Manicures

We are excited to offer European Waterless Manicures! This sans-soak service has many benefits such as preventing your hands from harmful bacteria & infection, preserving the life span of your polish, and the added bonus of cutting down on water consumption!

Wonder why you get a chip soon after a nail appointment? When water is used in manicures, the nail plate absorbs the water because your nails are porous. After the nail polish is applied, your nail plate continues to dry under the lacquer, causing your nail to contract, which often results in premature chipping or splitting. 

Also, did you know it takes approximately 15 gallons of water for a manicure & pedicure combined?! By skipping the conventional soak. we are helping the environment, not to mention prevention of cross contamination of bacteria.

Sometimes it's what you don't add to a beauty product or ritual that makes it better for you. Case in point: waterless manicures.

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