Splash Skin Care & Extensions

 : Artisty in Lashes, Brows & Skin to enhance your natural beauty : 
: Making your routine effortless :
: High maintenance now to be low maintenance later : 

Waxing Men + Women, face and body

 bikini (W)                           
 maintenance bikini (W)           
 brazilian (W)                          
 maintenance brazilian (W)
 brokini (M)
 brozilian (M)
 maintenance brozilian (M)
 brozilian + bum (M)
 maintenance brozilian + bum (M)
 bum wax
 chest + ab
 half arm              
 full arm              
 half leg               
 full leg                 
 full face w/brow
 ear + nose + unibrow (M)
Soothing Treatment
-add on to bikini, brazillian, brozillian, 
bum or underarm wax service

Immediately following your wax, settle your skin with a moisturizing masque containing chamomile, aloe, and sweet almond oil. Removal of masque with warm towel, followed with cool towel and lavender toner, finished with brightening cream.
Bikini/Brokini Facial
-performed 1-2 weeks after wax service

Finally clear your bikini area of ingrowns! Area is cleansed with a fine exfoliating glycolic scrub to help free trapped hairs and blocked pores. After refining the skin, any released ingrown hairs are removed. Moisturizing masque, calming toner, followed with warm towel removal and finished with brightening cream to combat hyper-pigmentation, ingrown scars, and dark spots.
Bum Facial

Make those red bumps a part of the past. Same treatment as bikini facial but for your backside to help clear those unbecoming bumps.

bikini+bum combo 60

  Underarm Facial

Do you have ingrowns under your arms? We apply the same treatment as above to your underarms.



other notes

Maintenance services are 5 weeks or under since your last visit @ Splash.

(W) = women
(M) = men

1/4" of hair growth is required. 
Please allow 24 hours before or after tanning or exposure to sun, as skin is more sensitive. 
We regretfully cannot perform hair removal if taking Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin,
Antibiotics, Avita, Glyquin.